As the external service provider of the Erftverband, Aquatec makes available the know-how of experts from many disciplines, for example, engineers, geologists, biologists and geographers.
With extensive experience in planning, construction and operation of facilities for the discharge, holding and treatment of wastewater as well as for flood and biotope protection, aquatec provides individual and competent solutions for all questions from the fields of surface waters, groundwater and wastewater Engineering.

Surface Waters

• produces precipitation-runoff models and hydraulic models
• advises in construction and operation of hydrological and climatological measuring stations
• produces water quality models
• advises in establishment and operation of water quality measuring stations
• elaborates plans for maintenance and care of surface waters
• plans, builds and operates surface water facilities, e. g. weirs, fish passes, retention reservoirs
• conducts limnological studies for flowing and still waters
• monitors endangered wetlands
• prepares environmental compensation plans


• takes, analyses and interprets groundwater samples
• elaborates groundwater flow and groundwater quality models
• plans, operates and optimizes groundwater measurement networks
• advises in establishment of water management information systems, e. g. GIS databases

Wastewater Engineering

• elaborates wastewater engineering concepts and expert reports
• produces operating instructions
• advises in planning, construction and operation of wastewater treatment plants, in particular of membrane activated sludge plants
• trains wastewater treatment plant personnel for membrane activated sludge plants and conventional plants
• runs industrial wastewater treatment plants
• produces concepts and plans for stormwater holding and stormwater treatment facilities
• advises in case of operating failures
• produces dynamic simulation models for wastewater treatment plants
• advises on questions of wastewater fees
• performs laboratory services

Erftverband aquatec GmbH
Am Erftverband 6
50126 Bergheim
tel +49.2271. 88-0
fax +49.2271. 88 1210

Your contacts

Dr. Bernd Bucher Managing Director
tel +49.2271.88 1500
Prof. Heinrich Schäfer Managing Director
tel +49.2271.88 1242
Stefan Twesten Authorised Signatory
tel +49.2271.88 2128
Per Seeliger Authorised Signatory
tel +49.2271.88 1271
Arnold Thomas Authorised Signatory
tel +49.2271.88 1281

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