The Erftverband monitors the groundwater conditions in the Lower Rhine Basin, with particular focus on the influence of the Rhineland brown coal mines.

Rivers & Lakes

Rivers and streams are the lifelines of the landscape. They allow natural interchange between biotopes over large distances.


Clean Water is our most important resource and the basis for a healthy environment. It is therefore a major task of the Erftverband to secure the water resources through a sustainable water management and thorough sewage Treatment.

Organisation & Members

The Erftverband is backed by its about 250 members from municipalities, counties, the public water supply, the mining and electricity industry, commercial and industrial enterprises, agriculture and fishery. Membership is regulated by the “Erftverbandsgesetz” and its statute. The members are divided into groups



Founded in 1859 as the “Cooperative for the Melioration of the Erft Basin”, it was later known as the “Erft Cooperative”, then the “Erft Association”. In the year 1958 the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, by an Act of Parliament, mandated the establishment of a new body, the “Greater Erft Association”, to counteract the significant impact of brown coal mining on the water resources of the Erft region. Accordingly, the organization was constituted in 1959 as a “corporation under public law”.